Forbearance Ending – How to Sell Your CT Home and Avoid Foreclosure

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Forbearance allows you to pause or reduce your monthly mortgage payments for a period. It provides much-needed financial relief during a highly challenging situation. However, that temporary lifeline can’t last forever. Once forbearance ends, you will need to have a plan for how to resume making your full mortgage payments on time each month. If […]

Transform Your Troublesome Rental Property into Cash in Connecticut

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Rental properties are a golden goose for generating passive income. However, you may find yourself saddled with a lemon that’s more trouble than it’s worth. When burdened with problematic tenants, endless repairs, and unfilled vacancies, these properties drain your finances and sanity. Here’s how to transform your troublesome rental property in CT into cash.  Challenges […]

Navigating the Home Closing Process – What Sellers Need to Know

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If you are selling your home, you need to know the ropes. You must look before you leap, as going in unprepared will lead to wasted time and dashed hopes. Understanding and preparing for the home closing is essential for a smooth transaction. In this guide, we have listed the steps to navigate the home […]

Selling Your Connecticut Condo – Important Steps to Follow

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Selling a condo isn’t as easy as pie compared to offloading a house. Condos usually have a HOA that dictates the selling criteria for owners. Before selling your Connecticut condos, you must know the steps for a smooth sale. We have outlined the steps here. Understand the Condo Association Rules and Regulations Before you start […]

Selling Your Connecticut Home with Fire Damage – What You Need to Know

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Damage from the smoke, water, and fire can make your house unlivable. It is no walk in the park. The shock of losing your possessions and your house causes a great physical and emotional toll. If you are facing the terrible situation of owning a home with fire damage that you want to get rid […]

Inheriting a House with a Mortgage – Navigating the Financial Maze

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Inheriting a house with an outstanding mortgage can feel like you are left holding the bag. You are cornered with deciding whether to keep or sell the home and handling the remaining mortgage debt. Try to understand all your options to make informed choices during this challenging time. This guide will navigate the financial maze […]

Selling Your Connecticut Home in Forbearance – Everything You Need to Know

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Facing mortgage forbearance can be stressful and uncertain for Connecticut homeowners. You can feel caught between a rock and a hard place. While forbearance provides temporary financial relief by pausing or lowering your mortgage payments, it is not a permanent solution. At some point, regular payments must resume, and the missed amounts must be repaid. […]

Selling Your Connecticut Home With Galvanized Pipes – Complete Guide

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If you own an older home in Connecticut built before the 1960s, it likely has galvanized steel pipes for the plumbing system. As a homeowner, problems with galvanized plumbing can be frustrating and costly to repair. Even worse, it could scare away potential buyers if you’re trying to sell your Connecticut home. Here is a […]